215 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stewart Mackenzie 2e8d291ee7 running code causes board to fail in an unrecoverable manner 1 month ago
  Stewart Mackenzie 8b025b8644 add .gitignore to ignore the generated target directory 1 month ago
  Astro 9199bb7a16 libboard_zynq::flash: use only 32-bit spi words in program() 2 months ago
  Astro da60be38b1 libboard_zynq::flash: move man_start_com(true) into wait_tx_fifo_flush() 2 months ago
  Astro 6c4b07e0cf libboard_zynq::flash: syntax 2 months ago
  Astro 4439a64974 libboard_zc706: move main.rs into experiments bin crate 2 months ago
  Astro cf1983e543 split into lib{register, cortex_a9, board_zynq, board_zc706} crates 2 months ago
  Astro 1036ecc0f7 main: add latest experimentation code 2 months ago
  Astro a8cb085a25 cortex_a9::mmu: make OCM region cachable 2 months ago
  Astro 1ba587ccf9 remove dependency compiler_builtins 2 months ago
  Astro 62ecb5095b Cargo.toml: optimize for size 2 months ago
  Astro 887627b137 panic: print location info + message 2 months ago
  Astro 0adb0d5c51 zynq::flash: remove post-WRDI check 2 months ago
  Astro dd0fe054d7 zynq::flash: add working erase(), add barely working program() 2 months ago
  Astro 1dbb358a4c zynq::flash::spi_flash_register: doc, add BA 2 months ago
  Astro b94afa1581 zynq::flash: add read_reg_until() 2 months ago
  Astro 0d1cf04a34 zynq::flash: split into mod transfer 2 months ago
  Astro 8a9dde6119 zynq::flash: add consts 2 months ago
  Astro 5268839467 zynq::flash: add write_enabled() 2 months ago
  Astro 0b9a150255 zynq::flash: abstract SpiFlashRegister 2 months ago
  Astro 2d1c8e1f4f zynq::flash: fix txd[123] alignment 2 months ago
  Astro e1068af948 zynq::flash: add rdsr1() 2 months ago
  Astro 3b3b5dc7c1 zynq::flash: add support for writing 1/2/3-byte words 2 months ago
  Astro 70d56d2b28 zynq::flash: doc 2 months ago
  Astro b346ea8297 zynq::flash: fix INST_RDCR 2 months ago
  Astro e9b80eaef9 zynq::flash: don't send excess data, fixes, refactorings 2 months ago
  Astro 0823a74164 zynq::flash: fix rx_thres register 2 months ago
  Astro aab82f6843 zynq::flash: enable big endian mode 2 months ago
  Astro f3676c945a zynq::flash: flush after instruction 2 months ago
  Astro 1e465250f5 zynq::flash: enable/disable spi for every transfer 2 months ago
  Astro e37659e4b3 zynq::flash: refactor 2 months ago
  Astro 45cc271735 zynq::flash: fix + refactor 2 months ago
  Astro cfaa1213e2 zynq::flash: add more initialization 2 months ago
  Astro 7107244a6e zynq::flash: start implementing Manual mode 2 months ago
  Astro dd3ad3be67 zynq::flash: implement stopping LinearAddressing mode 2 months ago
  Astro a8a7f11990 zynq::flash: configure quad i/o fast read mode 2 months ago
  Astro 78caca1f04 zynq::flash: setup additional signals 3 months ago
  Astro 5642feb824 zynq::flash: add missing config bits to enable addressing mode 3 months ago
  Astro a199a5dc7d zynq::flash: add more setup 3 months ago
  Astro 3180f1c3f7 zynq::flash: begin driver implementation 3 months ago
  Astro 8037042040 zynq::slcr: implement boot_mode bits 3 months ago
  Astro 6ffcf7d4a4 ram: lock for concurrent use 3 months ago
  Astro 4f8a76e29b stdio: lock for use by core1 3 months ago
  Astro ff41f4dd2d cortex_a9::mutex: restore and fix powersaving behaviour, doc 3 months ago
  Astro d89f594ba4 cortex_a9::mutex: use AtomU32, remove powersaving behavior 3 months ago
  Astro 4e4ff512d9 add cortex_a9::mutex 3 months ago
  Astro 85f29ace6b boot: flush cache-line 3 months ago
  Astro ef6d0ff3f1 boot: reset core1 before start 3 months ago
  Astro 0bc941d789 main: start_core1 3 months ago
  Astro a416f48af1 main: add empty main_core1() 3 months ago