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A simple script for parsing TRM register definition...

Pipe the `pdftotext -layout` output to the python script stdin, and specify the
starting and ending address (absolute) of the registers.

This script can handle fields generation and description. This script is very
hacky, have a lot of assumptions on the format of the PDF, so use with care,
better check the output before you trust it.


pdftotext -f 1435 -l 1437 -layout ug585-Zynq-7000-TRM.pdf - | python 0xF8F00000 0xF8F01FFF

pub struct RegisterBlock {
    /// SCU Control Register
    pub scu_control_register: ScuControlRegister,
    /// SCU Configuration Register
    pub scu_configuration_register: ScuConfigurationRegister,

register!(scu_control_register, ScuControlRegister, RW, u32);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, ic_standby_enable, 6);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, scu_standby_enable, 5);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, force_all_device_to_po, 4);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, scu_speculative_linefil, 3);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, scu_rams_parity_enab, 2);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, address_filtering_enabl, 1);
register_bit!(scu_control_register, scu_enable, 0);

register!(scu_configuration_register, ScuConfigurationRegister, RO, u32);
register_bits!(scu_configuration_register, tag_ram_sizes,u8, 8, 15);
register_bits!(scu_configuration_register, cpus_smp,u8, 4, 7);
register_bits!(scu_configuration_register, cpu_number,u8, 0, 1);