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pca006132 f38117774f runtime/eh_artiq: updated exception IDs 11 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 880ba6b206 runtime: add nac3 exception symbols 11 months ago
mwojcik 90ef57f62c flake: update libasync hash 12 months ago
mwojcik accac99f48 updated zynq-rs with pca9547 support (#165) 12 months ago
mwojcik 412ae98266 flake: add hydraJobs 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 8a89f2b62c flake: sync nixpkgs, update description 1 year ago
mwojcik cc5fdb64c7 flakes support 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 663fdcbabf update copyright year 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq f83ab5a662 local_run: fix artiq_netbook invokation 1 year ago
pca006132 6f5ba46e89 runtime/eh_artiq: support exception allocation 1 year ago
pca006132 8923feceac runtime/eh_artiq: use forced unwind 1 year ago
pca006132 97ca72f7f1 libunwind: enable lto 1 year ago
pca006132 acaf388dbb eh_artiq: handle catch clauses appropriately 1 year ago
pca006132 8788d6458e runtime/rpc: fixes alignment and size problem 1 year ago
pca006132 efe315c21d libdyld: accepts R_ARM_ABS32 1 year ago
stevefan1999 84becfe2c0 report async errors upon kernel termination 1 year ago
stevefan1999 a4fbb96296 little fixes for README (#157) 1 year ago
mwojcik 64fecf09b7 restore kasli-soc satellite variant check 1 year ago
mwojcik 31fb2b388a Support for DRTIO 100MHz (#155) 1 year ago
mwojcik e045837b67 zc706: not actually ultrascale 1 year ago
mwojcik ada3f2e704 drtio: reading still needs work buffer after all 1 year ago
mwojcik 8be5048cd3 upgrade to new clock configuration system (#152) 1 year ago
mwojcik e8db2a4b49 drtio: crc from mainline, removed byte swap 1 year ago
mwojcik 4218354e65 zc706: updated device_db for tests 1 year ago
mwojcik 2376f9ab5e Merge pull request 'zc706: added dummy spi' (#149) from mwojcik/artiq-zynq:zc706_dummy_spi into master 1 year ago
mwojcik 0b27349ec4 dummy_spi -> pmod_spi 1 year ago
mwojcik 21eb1cab1a zc706: added dummy spi in place of sdio 1 year ago
mwojcik 3096daaaee zc706: removed nist_clock sdcard, put pmod instead 1 year ago
mwojcik 4fbfccf575 zc706: fix nist_qc2 extension, ams101 iostandard 1 year ago
mwojcik 5c40115945 make ZC706 RTIO channels consistent with KC705 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq a5e3580d18 Revert "runtime: expose rint from libm" 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 3582af564d runtime: expose rint from libm 1 year ago
mwojcik 742ce9fdde fix sd and acpki satellite builds 1 year ago
mwojcik c4de1c261a default.nix: restored proper satellite variants 1 year ago
mwojcik 219c075931 added explicit runtime/satman targets for makefile 1 year ago
mwojcik d04a7decfe removed simple variants from zc706 1 year ago
mwojcik 0efa83e956 update build scripts for DRTIO 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 4fa824f42b kasli-soc: remove irrelevant comment 1 year ago
mwojcik ab0c205dd2 gateware: add DRTIO 1 year ago
mwojcik 8d2bb09149 add satman firmware (#136) 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 41295b0e01 update cargoSha256 1 year ago
mwojcik aaec0abdf6 fix build/warnings before drtio is fully merged 1 year ago
mwojcik e241957419 add libbuild_zynq 1 year ago
mwojcik 50262b3f0c runtime: link_thread -> link_task 1 year ago
mwojcik 827c6c1306 runtime: switch to libio/libboard_artiq, add DRTIO mastering support 1 year ago
mwojcik e6863263b4 add libboard_artiq (to be shared between runtime and satman) 1 year ago
mwojcik d7f45d473e add libio (to be shared between runtime and satman) 1 year ago
pca006132 35250b3f56 libdyld: fixed symbol relocation 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 2ed2ffe417 update dependencies 2 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 18e05c91e1 zc706: si5324 is not needed for standalone target 2 years ago