do not mention dip switch detail in shop

Sebastien Bourdeauducq 2021-03-23 16:56:26 +08:00
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@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ const shop_data = {
specs: [
'Two banks of four digital channels each, with BNC connectors.',
'Each bank with individual ground isolation.',
'Per-bank switchable direction via on-board switches.',
'Per-bank switchable direction.',
'Per-channel switchable 50 Ohm termination with LED indicators.',
'Short circuit tolerance: infinite.',
'Minimum pulse width: 3ns.',
@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ const shop_data = {
specs: [
'Supplies 16 LVDS pairs via 4 front-panel RJ45 connectors.',
'Each RJ45 supplies 4 LVDS DIOs.',
'Direction individually selectable for each signal via on-board switches.',
'Direction individually selectable for each signal.',
'No galvanic isolation.',
'Higher speed and lower jitter than the isolated SMA and BNC DIO cards.'