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Sebastien Bourdeauducq e2c1948931 cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
artiq-fast misoc: bump 3 years ago
artiq-full artiq-comtools: bump 3 years ago
gluelogic cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
hydra cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
nixbld-etc-nixos nixbld: add DNS entry for metlino 3 years ago
nixops nixops: add dsleung user 3 years ago
stm32 stm32: update rust-nightly 3 years ago
artiq-fast.nix fix previous commit (again) 3 years ago
artiq-full.nix Revert "artiq-full: simpler workaround for" 3 years ago
gluelogic.nix cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
stm32.nix stm32: do not use callPackage on something that isn't a derivation 4 years ago
web.nix web fixes and improvements 3 years ago
zynq.nix zynq: build experiments again 3 years ago