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Robert Jördens 3562f6f189 add roa1 master/satellite 2 months ago
artiq-board-generated board-generated: fix legacy rust deps 5 months ago
artiq-fast migen: bump 3 months ago
artiq-full artiq-full: update example-user-env 5 months ago
gluelogic gluelogic: fix 84fc1375d 11 months ago
hydra hydra: fix nac3 flake url 4 months ago
mcu mcu: fix build 6 months ago
artiq-fast.nix artiq-fast: fix windows test skip script 3 months ago
artiq-full.nix add roa1 master/satellite 2 months ago
artiq-zynq.nix artiq-zynq: apply Mozilla nixpkgs overlay 4 months ago
gluelogic.nix cpld -> gluelogic 2 years ago
mcu.nix mcu: missing file rename from 0d706f000f 12 months ago
web.nix web fixes and improvements 3 years ago
zynq-rs.nix zynq: stable and beta channels 7 months ago