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Sebastien Bourdeauducq e340fa7548 remove sayma builds
Vivado 2021.2 fails place-and-route of SAWG.
1 year ago
artiq-board-generated hydra: use legacy sinara-systems repos 1 year ago
artiq-fast update vivado 1 year ago
artiq-full remove sayma builds 1 year ago
gluelogic gluelogic: fix 84fc1375d 2 years ago
hydra hydra: add artiq-nac3 job 1 year ago
mcu-contrib stabilizer: remove heapless hash after update 1 year ago
artiq-fast.nix replace insecure git:// URLs 1 year ago
artiq-full.nix remove wipm7 ddb 1 year ago
artiq-zynq.nix fix zynq-rs import 1 year ago
gluelogic.nix cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
mcu-contrib.nix mcu -> mcu-contrib 1 year ago
web.nix web fixes and improvements 4 years ago
zynq-rs.nix zynq: stable and beta channels 2 years ago