886 B

INA848/9 Gain Block

INA848/9 Gain Block is designed for Kirdy Laser Diode Noise Measurement. It may be also useful for other applications requiring an instrumental amplifier. For design details, please read this issue.

Target Specs

  • Support 8V Signal Input Voltage
  • High Pass Filter with flat passband from 10Hz to 1MHz
  • 2000x Gain
  • < 3nV/rt(Hz) @ 1kHz Noise Floor
  • 50 Ohm Output Impedance

Configurable Options

You can change the IC, resistors or capacitors for different applications.

  • Instrumental Amplifier
    • TI INA848/INA849 Instrumental Amplifier
    • INA849: Configurable Gain
    • INA848: Configurable LPF
  • Analog Front End
    • Single-Ended / Differential Input Signal
    • Low Pass Filter / High Pass Filter
  • Analog Output
    • Configurable Output Voltage
    • Low Pass Filter / High Pass Filter