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Stabilizer HITL Testing

This directory contains tooling required for Stabilizer hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) testing.

There is a Stabilizer board connected at the Quartiq office that is accessible via a private HITL repository in order to provide secure hardware testing of the stabilizer application in a public repository.

Note: In order to ensure application security, all HITL runs must first be approved by a Quartiq representative before execution.


  • Stabilizer is configured with an ethernet connection to a router. The router runs a DHCP server for the local network, and ensures that the Stabilizer used for these tests is available under the hostname stabilizer-hitl.
  • An MQTT broker is running at the hostname mqtt.

HITL Workflow

The private HITL repository does the following:

  1. Check out this repository
  2. Build firmware images using Cargo
  3. Program stabilizer
  4. Execute hitl/

In order to add new HITL tests, update to include the necessary tests.