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This Pounder quick noise floor test folder is forked from quartiq_stabilizer. Check out quartiq/stabilizer github page for more details.

For this quick test, I simply hard code the Pounder DDS setting in the init section in src/bin/ , currently the DDS setting in this pdh-test has no MQTT control support yet. The stabilizer DAC is disabled and set to 0 here for simplicity. Change anything ask you like.

How to use this

This nix shell cotains rust, mqtt-explorer ... and python packages of gmqtt, miniconf-mqtt and some other packages. Simply clone this repo and run this to set up the environment. I only tested it with nixos-21.05 channel.

nix-shell shell.nix

Connect stabilizer JTAG connector to a ST-link V2 (or other debuggers) and then connect the debugger to your PC. Run the by calling this in the terminal: (Cargo.toml default features contain pounder_v1_1 and the broker IP is set to be , change it if necessary)

BROKER="" cargo run --release --bin pdh-test

Open another terminal and start mosquitto broker with this:

mosquitto -c mosquitto.conf

Open another terminal and change the stabilizer setting via MQTT. For example this will change the gain of the stabilizer ADC_ch0 to 10 (change the broker IP and topic path's mac address to your own one) and you should see the update log in the cargo run terminal:

python -m miniconf --broker dt/sinara/pdh-test/04-91-62-d9-f5-e5 afe/0='"G10"'    

Another example is to start the stabilizer UDP datastream, which is currently streaming data of (adc_0, adc_1, dac_0, dac_1). You can change the UDP listener IP and port. To turn it off, just set the target ip to and port to 0.

python -m miniconf --broker dt/sinara/pdh-test/04-91-62-d9-f5-e5 stream_target='{"ip":[192,168,1,139], "port":1883}'       

To see and plot the stabilizer ADC_ch0 data, run this. Change the port and the python file if you want to plot data of other adc or dac channel.

python scripts/ --port 1883