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# Power on MCH
python3 ~/power_strip/
# Get power-on time & date
TIMESTAMP=$(date '+%Y%m%d%H%M%S')
# Start `screen`ing Metlino and Saymas in detached mode and with logging
sleep 1
screen -dmS metlino -L -Logfile /home/pi/mlabs-testsuite/logs/metlino-$TIMESTAMP.log /dev/metlino 115200
sleep 6
screen -dmS sayma1amc -L -Logfile /home/pi/mlabs-testsuite/logs/sayma1-$TIMESTAMP-amc.log /dev/sayma1AMC 115200
screen -dmS sayma1rtm -L -Logfile /home/pi/mlabs-testsuite/logs/sayma1-$TIMESTAMP-rtm.log /dev/sayma1RTM 115200
screen -dmS sayma2amc -L -Logfile /home/pi/mlabs-testsuite/logs/sayma2-$TIMESTAMP-amc.log /dev/sayma2AMC 115200
screen -dmS sayma2rtm -L -Logfile /home/pi/mlabs-testsuite/logs/sayma2-$TIMESTAMP-rtm.log /dev/sayma2RTM 115200
echo "New logs has started."
# This Shell script ends after spawning the `screen` sessions