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# tnetplug host
export TNETPLUG_PORT=3131
# Smart USB hub host
# (uhubctl must be installed on the host)
export HOST=rpi-3
export HOSTPORT=22
# Hub port where the RedPitaya is connected
export HUBPORT=4
# Simultaneously, start testing RP's network connectivity, while
# powering on MCH using tnetplug, and RP using uhubctl
# Display power-on time
TIMESTAMP_PRETTY=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
echo "MCH powered on at $TIMESTAMP_PRETTY."
# Power on MCH
# Power on RedPitaya connected to the smart USB hub
# (assume that only 1 hub is connected)
ssh -p $HOSTPORT $HOST "uhubctl -a on -p $HUBPORT" &
# Wait 2 minutes before measurement
sleep 120
# Get and plot Sayma data
# NOTE: Change the RP hostname and LV/HV arguments according to
# which two channels you are measuring!
nix-shell -p python3Packages.matplotlib python3Packages.numpy python3Packages.scipy --run "./get_and_plot_sayma_data mlabs-raw mlabs-1 1 mlabs-1 2 mlabs-1:LV,LV" &
# Wait 1 minute before powering off MCH and RP
sleep 60
# Wait 30 seconds
sleep 30
# Simultaneously power off MCH and RP
# Display power-off time
TIMESTAMP_PRETTY=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
echo "MCH powered off at $TIMESTAMP_PRETTY."
# Power off MCH
# Power off RedPitaya connected to the smart USB hub
ssh -p $HOSTPORT $HOST "uhubctl -a off -p $HUBPORT"