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harry c69cd9951e Update README and (#59)
update to use rpi-4 directly; fix README

README: update build instruction fix missing package argument

Co-authored-by: Harry Ho <>
3 years ago
Harry Ho 76a4cac873 i2c: disable its usage on Cora Z7-10 3 years ago
Harry Ho 4614ed1371 i2c: simplify ctor_common() 3 years ago
pca006132 fa07bdb681 libcortex_a9/mmu: share ocm3.
This fixes issue #54.
3 years ago
Harry Ho 4565a75766 experiments: add I2C bitbang EEPROM writing/reading example 3 years ago
Harry Ho 16b2df91ca i2c: fix GPIO register mapping, I2C control & EEPROM write operations 3 years ago
Harry Ho f7d3135ec7 i2c: implement EEPROM operations; add CountDown waiting indication 3 years ago
Harry Ho c60230af25 i2c: implement basic i2c bitbanging 3 years ago
pca006132 e8ba73a8c7 Updated build instruction. 3 years ago
pca006132 3958953ceb libcortex_a9/sync_channel: added drop_elements function. 3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq a36a82d86d reduce ethernet verbosity 3 years ago
pca006132 25c6d5eeaa Changes usage of sev/wfe to spinlock functions. 3 years ago
pca006132 9e97102e12 libcortex_a9: implemented semaphore. 3 years ago
pca006132 b65606f2d0 libcortex_a9/sync_channel: added reset. 3 years ago
pca006132 ee4089c52e updated cargoSha256 3 years ago
pca006132 36c3fbdacd experiments: fixed linker script. 3 years ago
pca006132 8328ffc66b libsupport_zynq/ram: allow single allocator. 3 years ago
pca006132 84041a3154 libsupport_zynq/ram: use core0 allocator by default. 3 years ago
pca006132 5850401d72 libsupport_zynq/ram: split allocators for two cores. 3 years ago
pca006132 ccce37dffd linked_list_allocator: upgraded to 0.8.4
So we get the `used` function to check heap usage.
3 years ago
pca006132 3bbd1513fb specify build experiments
Otherwise we cannot turn off the default feature for libsupport_zynq.
3 years ago
pca006132 7d38c53c18 libsupport_zynq/abort: moved core1 restart code to user code. 3 years ago
pca006132 02a2c4d1e3 experiments: updated example. 3 years ago
pca006132 12669124a4 libcortex_a9/mutex: added interrupt critical section mask. 3 years ago
pca006132 8f0a6bd5ea libsupport_zynq/abort: restart core1 main on core1 IRQ#0. 3 years ago
pca006132 c1f61b5673 libcortex_a9/boot: enable IRQ on reset. 3 years ago
pca006132 2927c43309 libboard_zynq/gic: refactored and added SGI functions. 3 years ago
Astro 187801c4a7 gic: start implementation 3 years ago
pca006132 91ece367f2 libboard_zynq/mpcore: added generated register definitions 3 years ago
Astro 1f05e6977e eth::phy: replace ExtendedStatus with PSSR 3 years ago
Astro e408a8b22d eth::phy::extended_status: fix cap_1000base_x_full() bit position 3 years ago
Astro 27effb6257 eth::phy: s/Marvel/Marvell/ 3 years ago
Astro de5f605d60 eth: refactor peripheral instance into type parameter, improve clock setup 3 years ago
pca006132 ad47521e4b libsupport_zynq/boot: fixed core1 disable. 3 years ago
pca006132 c50e72f91e experiments: use OCM instead of OCM3 (#54) 3 years ago
pca006132 b099c56569 libcortex_a9/sync_channel: new version compiled. 3 years ago
Astro ef4fb598fb ddr: improve dci divisors calculation 3 years ago
Astro 0aa75d3544 experiments: fix timer.get_us() usage 3 years ago
Astro f36b1a610e timer::global: wrap us in Microseconds, impl embedded_hal blocking delay traits 3 years ago
Astro 7f45d10af3 timer::global::CountDown: fix delaying from "up to" to "at least" the timespan 3 years ago
Astro 855d94c48e dmac: remove unused module 3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 84f1380f48 libasync: assert that callback consumes data in smoltcp recv 3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq f8785c3f07 fix some compilation warnings 3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 7b78bc0494 libasync: new stream.recv API
3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq ef88a1313a shell.nix: remove gcc 3 years ago
Astro 484e385160 eth: implement DeviceCapabilities.max_burst_size
this is a hint that /could/ boost TCP performance.
3 years ago
pca006132 074438c3c7 libcortex_a9: added `try_lock` for mutex. 3 years ago
Astro 191abf6b8f mpidr: wrap with proper bitfield getters
Prevents callers from dealing with CORE_MASK.
3 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 371e59cef5 libboard_zynq: add fpgax_clk_ctrl registers 3 years ago
pca006132 e67efe439b libsupport: fixed core1 restart.
The TRM mentioned that user should stop the clock, de-assert the reset,
and then restart the clock for core reset.

This fixes the kernel restart problem in one of the zc706 board.
3 years ago