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Astro fa04dcbb3d test `RESTRICTDIST-` in some derivation names 7 months ago
artiq-fast test `RESTRICTDIST-` in some derivation names 7 months ago
artiq-full conda-channel: create win-64 output 7 months ago
gluelogic gluelogic: add urukul-cpld-legacy 7 months ago
hydra point to my nix-scripts.git 7 months ago
stm32 stm32: update rust-nightly 10 months ago
artiq-fast.nix artiq-fast: remove unnecessary buildInput in windows-no-hardware-tests 7 months ago
artiq-full.nix artiq-board.nix: move inputs outside inner function, accept vivado as arg to cut memory usage 7 months ago
gluelogic.nix cpld -> gluelogic 7 months ago
stm32.nix stm32: do not use callPackage on something that isn't a derivation 1 year ago
web.nix web fixes and improvements 1 year ago
zynq.nix zynq: build experiments again 8 months ago