Bare-metal Rust on Zynq-7000

Updated 7 days ago


Updated 5 months ago

Updated 1 week ago

M-Labs website (legacy) - see web2019 repository instead

Updated 3 years ago

Trivial network-controlled plugs

Updated 4 years ago

Firmware for the Sinara 8451 Thermostat

Updated 3 months ago

Library to read Tar archives (by GNU Tar) in `no_std` contexts with zero allocations. The crate is simple and only supports reading of "basic" archives, therefore no extensions, such as GNU Longname. The maximum supported file size is 100 characters including the NULL-byte. Forked from:

Updated 4 weeks ago

Legacy JSON descriptions of Sinara systems with public Hydra builds. OBSOLETE. Newer systems use AFWS.

Updated 4 months ago

Simple Flash Key-Value store

Updated 3 years ago

Joe's Sayma project plan

Updated 5 years ago

Minimalist bare metal Rust firmware for Red Pitaya

Updated 11 months ago

Formally verified ARTIQ RTIO core in nMigen

Updated 3 years ago

A port of [riscv-formal]( to nMigen

Updated 3 years ago

Firmware for Sinara Fast-Servo based on Not-OS and Linien

Updated 1 week ago