Next-generation FPGA SoC toolkit

Updated 3 years ago

Trivial network-controlled plugs

Updated 3 years ago

Hydra settings and non-flakes packaging code. See for new NDSPs and contrib libraries.

Updated 2 days ago

M-Labs website (legacy) - see web2019 repository instead

Updated 2 years ago

Bare-metal Rust on Zynq-7000

Updated 2 months ago

Firmware for the Sinara 8451 Thermostat

Updated 7 months ago

Joe's Sayma project plan

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 4 months ago

Testing Thermostat v1 with ionpak

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

New ARTIQ compiler, third iteration

Updated 2 weeks ago

ARTIQ Zynq-based core device support

Updated 8 hours ago

Updated 22 hours ago


Updated 1 year ago

A port of [riscv-formal]( to nMigen

Updated 2 years ago