163 Commits (31105263b5bce25be5dfc6a0c609d5b70c5e112a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sovanna 31105263b5 fix(mobile/shop): Adds zindex to cloned card while dragging 8 months ago
  sovanna 5b95796160 fix(mobile/shop): Corrects drag/drop because of transform3d 8 months ago
  sovanna 952eccd560 feat(mobile/landscape): Makes disappear the header menu 8 months ago
  sovanna 475eb92d82 fix(mobile/landscape/lowres): Hides aside menu 8 months ago
  sovanna 4ebe4f253c fix(mobile): Reduces size of menu sub-items 8 months ago
  sovanna 1ac9fdd641 fix(mobile): Reduces sizes a bit of other elements 8 months ago
  sovanna 489326dc47 fix(mobile): Reduces header menu height 8 months ago
  sovanna faeaf48d9d feat(mobile): Adds mobile landscape 8 months ago
  sovanna efd6b92298 fix(mobile): Corrects various things in style 9 months ago
  sovanna 31fabb7cbd fix(mobile): Updates bug styles for tablet 9 months ago
  sovanna 230f78f338 fix(mobile): Increases space between row in table summary price 9 months ago
  sovanna 393eeafbd6 fix(mobile): Updates width table summary price 9 months ago
  sovanna 7a4cc84a56 fix(mobile): Uses flex for table 9 months ago
  sovanna 804e5fb712 fix(mobile): Removes default button style for side menu 9 months ago
  sovanna a4c77f3872 feat(mobile): Adapts design for mobile/tablet 9 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 66cd581a47 shop: connectors available -> used 9 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq ca1d011839 update stabilizer price 9 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 2050413bbb add explanation about 'request quote' email 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 220bc3f1c6 add old migen tutorial 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq a9a31f97b5 fix typo 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq a21673bccb consistent price formatting 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq f69e6ab4c7 update manual links 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 1687f80e91 reorder experiment control resources 10 months ago
  sovanna 06ca8f24cf feat(place-order): Builds shop.min.js 10 months ago
  sovanna c70e171275 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.m-labs.hk/M-Labs/web2019 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 21ed7d3c17 update documentation links 10 months ago
  sovanna f6a6555bc8 fix(place-order): Corrects typo 10 months ago
  sovanna 708d209768 feat(place-order): Formats number to be money currency like 10 months ago
  sovanna 389552e308 fix(place-order): Corrects summary items alignment 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 45f6d1d4cf add note about not editing JSON crate config 10 months ago
  sovanna 9646cba6c2 feat(place-order): Adds a mobile device test 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq ede2829c92 update shop data 10 months ago
  sovanna cf26888ea1 feat(place-order): Builds 10 months ago
  sovanna 7a294c4cc3 fix(place-order): Uses global currency 10 months ago
  sovanna be59ae8032 feat(place-order): Sets crate alert to warning and sets color to red 10 months ago
  sovanna e025f66f3e feat(place-order): Adds order hardware system 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 29506fa9e1 add Mirny 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq dfd33ef0be fix md syntax 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 4bccb4fdd6 add note about Banker 11 months ago
  sovanna adcba87cdf fix(solvespace): Tries, restores all model for now 1 year ago
  sovanna 8352d9007e fix(solvespace): Tries remove one of the model to see about memory 1 year ago
  sovanna 6c8546bf6d fix(solvespace): Tries fix k526s-adapter-assy on Android 1 year ago
  sovanna b1872eb755 fix(solvespace): Tries fix k526s-adapter-assy on Android 1 year ago
  sovanna fcfe833e14 fix(Solvespace): Uses 310px and adds overflow-hidden 1 year ago
  sovanna 21df1b1b99 fix(Solvespace): Adds customs sizes to model 1 year ago
  sovanna 8e210369b3 fix(images): Updates image with fadeout 1 year ago
  sovanna 573a89908d fix(Solvespace): Uses env (desktop/mobile) to set TreeJS params 1 year ago
  sovanna 6049d15e0b fix(Resources): Updates content to have same card height 1 year ago
  sovanna 19ac76de57 fix(image): Updates side-min.png 1 year ago
  sovanna 76dccbb8ff fix(ARTIQ): Uses chart SVG 1 year ago