200 Commits (master)

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  sovanna a7f82f608e feat(issue20): Updates mobile version for job page 2 weeks ago
  sovanna 946597d7eb feat(issue20): Updates on mobile/homepage bruce lee image 2 weeks ago
  sovanna 1f81e1ed0e feat(issue12): Adds info for Urukul 2 weeks ago
  sovanna 80b074102a fix(issue9): Checks when no connector at all 3 weeks ago
  sovanna 1d1c626127 feat(issue23): Adds rule to Order Hardware 3 weeks ago
  sovanna 413ceb4fe7 fix(issue24): Corrects custom layout for office direction 3 weeks ago
  sovanna f9fe47a414 feat(shop/build): Updates shop js, also removes minify process 4 weeks ago
  sovanna beff5209f8 fix(issue20): Keeps only the 1st paragraph on job text (homepage) 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 5b50aa01c1 fix(issue20): Corrects job text, updates on homepage/jobpage 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 2002f4b913 fix(mobile/menu): Removes topnav effect 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 58214dc179 fix(issue20): Corrects typo and puts line in italic 4 weeks ago
  sovanna d7e40e0e3d fix(issue20): Updates first image 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 9b4bb0fd7c fix(issue11): Removess useless info rule message 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 12650be390 feat(issue20): Adds info job in home page 4 weeks ago
  sovanna bc7adaf32f feat(issue20): Customizes job page 4 weeks ago
  sovanna be9848097e fix(issue17): Improves dynamic changes to fixed height 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 16ebbfa683 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.m-labs.hk/M-Labs/web2019 4 weeks ago
  sovanna c9eb9376b3 fix(issue17): Sets fixed height 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 5f42340b04 fix(menu/scroll): Allows effect only on mobile 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 0191350c48 fix(mobile/shop): Corrects height of dark right side when menu is opened 4 weeks ago
  sovanna 9d03f68ec6 feat(mobile/shop): Adds feedback when add new card from backlog 4 weeks ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 07e36d33e3 add ARTIQ community code links 1 month ago
  sovanna a27c7370d6 fix(mobile/menu): Shows when scroll top 1 month ago
  sovanna 72ce996c37 fix(mobile/shop): Tries to improvie menu show/hide while scrolling 1 month ago
  sovanna d08bfbdcc0 revert(mobile/shop): Hides menu when scroll down and shows when scroll up 1 month ago
  sovanna e96c0dc524 fix(mobile/shop): Removes btn delete card from crate 1 month ago
  sovanna 14ec597b85 fix(mobile/menu): Hides menu when scroll down and shows when scroll up 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 8a1077f208 mention Fastino 1 month ago
  sovanna b3076efb2b fix(mobile/shop): Corrects card hidden while dragging outside backlog 1 month ago
  sovanna 0987164982 fix(mobile/shop): Adds zindex to main while menu open 1 month ago
  sovanna 31105263b5 fix(mobile/shop): Adds zindex to cloned card while dragging 1 month ago
  sovanna 5b95796160 fix(mobile/shop): Corrects drag/drop because of transform3d 1 month ago
  sovanna 952eccd560 feat(mobile/landscape): Makes disappear the header menu 1 month ago
  sovanna 475eb92d82 fix(mobile/landscape/lowres): Hides aside menu 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq e284054e09 fix DIO output description 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq bcf458ac2f fix formatting 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq abd54c7a59 add jobs page 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq c4a7eeb23d add link to Nature article 1 month ago
  sovanna 4ebe4f253c fix(mobile): Reduces size of menu sub-items 1 month ago
  sovanna 1ac9fdd641 fix(mobile): Reduces sizes a bit of other elements 1 month ago
  sovanna 489326dc47 fix(mobile): Reduces header menu height 1 month ago
  sovanna faeaf48d9d feat(mobile): Adds mobile landscape 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 328ddb5d6e typo 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 41e049fe8f add jobs 1 month ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq a060875397 new sinara names/PNs 1 month ago
  sovanna efd6b92298 fix(mobile): Corrects various things in style 1 month ago
  sovanna 31fabb7cbd fix(mobile): Updates bug styles for tablet 1 month ago
  sovanna 230f78f338 fix(mobile): Increases space between row in table summary price 1 month ago
  sovanna 393eeafbd6 fix(mobile): Updates width table summary price 1 month ago
  sovanna 7a4cc84a56 fix(mobile): Uses flex for table 1 month ago