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<p>A modern, low-cost universal controller for hot-cathode ionization vacuum gauges.</p>
<p><center><img src="ionpak_front.jpg"></center></p>
<p>Many physics experiments require a good vacuum and therefore tools to diagnose vacuum-related problems. Ionization gauges provide a way to measure pressures in the medium to ultra-high vacuum regimes.</p>
<p>While the gauges themselves can be procured quite easily, the controller situation is more problematic. Existing commercial and DIY solutions have one or more of the following issues:</p>
<li>poor performance at low (pA) collector currents</li>
<li>designed with obsolete components and overly bulky</li>
<li>lack of gauge voltage/current programmability</li>
<li>no/poor connectivity to a logging database</li>
<li>poor design and construction</li>
<p>The ionpak features:
<li>a single-board low-cost design with modern components</li>
<li>open hardware and software</li>
<li>sub-pA electrometer performance</li>
<li>configurable voltages and emission current to adapt to various gauges</li>
<li>Ethernet connectivity</li>
<p><center><img src="ionpak_back.jpg"></center></p>
<h2>How to get an ionpak?</h2>
We will offer it for sale later; for the moment, you can <a href="https://github.com/m-labs/ionpak">build your own</a> - it is open hardware.
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