Firmware for the Sinara 8451 Thermostat
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Firmware for the Sinara 8451 Thermostat


Debian-based systems (tested on Ubuntu 19.10)

  • install git, clone this repository
  • install rustup
rustup toolchain install nightly
rustup update
rustup target add thumbv7em-none-eabihf --toolchain nightly
rustup default nightly
cargo build --release

The resulting ELF file will be located under target/thumbv7em-none-eabihf/release/thermostat



Ethernet, IP:

Use netcat to connect to port 23/tcp (telnet)

nc -vv 23

telnet clients send binary data after connect. Enter \n once to invalidate the first line of input.

Reading ADC input

Set report mode to on for a continuous stream of input data.

The scope of this setting is per TCP session.


Syntax Function
report Show current input
report mode Show current report mode
report mode <off/on> Set report mode
pwm Show current PWM settings
pwm <0/1> max_i_pos <ratio> Set PWM duty cycle for max_i_pos to ampere
pwm <0/1> max_i_neg <ratio> Set PWM duty cycle for max_i_neg to ampere
pwm <0/1> max_v <ratio> Set PWM duty cycle for max_v to volt
pwm <0/1> <volts> Disengage PID, set i_set DAC to ampere
pwm <0/1> pid Set PWM to be controlled by PID
pid Show PID configuration
pid <0/1> target <value> Set the PID controller target
pid <0/1> kp <value> Set proportional gain
pid <0/1> ki <value> Set integral gain
pid <0/1> kd <value> Set differential gain
pid <0/1> output_min <value> Set mininum output
pid <0/1> output_max <value> Set maximum output
pid <0/1> integral_min <value> Set integral lower bound
pid <0/1> integral_max <value> Set integral upper bound
s-h Show Steinhart-Hart equation parameters
s-h <0/1> <t/b/r0> <value> Set Steinhart-Hart parameter for a channel
postfilter <0/1> rate <rate> Set postfilter output data rate