76 Commits (master)

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  Sebastien Bourdeauducq c969ad627a add cargosha256.nix 3 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 94465abfba update r0 and cortex-m-rt 6 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 27d5684782 rename to thermostat 8 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 59ad66ace4 remove nix files (will be implemented in nix-scripts) and README (outdated) 8 months ago
  Astro 91c27d2499 nix/fetchcargo: fix touch 9 months ago
  Astro 05f85dba77 nix/fetchcargo: fix touch 9 months ago
  Astro 8ab5a8dafc nix/fetchcargo: stub a src/main.rs for the -cargo src 9 months ago
  Astro ddebb88c70 nix/channel-rust-nightly.toml: update to 2019-05-09 from 2019-04-18 9 months ago
  Astro d7c7d70632 nix: update sha256 9 months ago
  Astro 792ed1fdf0 nix: remove git sources for dependencies that are stable now 9 months ago
  Astro 155a67c056 nix: custom build phase 9 months ago
  Astro c420dcad9e nix/fetchcargo: restrict src to just Cargo.{toml,lock} 9 months ago
  Astro 3d844977ef nix: openocd.src = openocd 9 months ago
  Astro 2583de36a8 bump dependencies to now stable versions 9 months ago
  Astro e6395eaf9d clippy delint 9 months ago
  Astro 70236a2060 rust edition 2018 delint 9 months ago
  Astro fdcbeae74f nix/channel-rust-nightly.toml: update to 2019-04-18 from 2019-04-02 10 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq a426c5aad7 use NixOS 19.03 multiarch gdb instead of custom build 10 months ago
  Astro 4a334465da default.nix: replace $BIN with ${firmwareBinary} 10 months ago
  Astro cbfe3a177b default.nix, nix/openocd: replace shell script with makeWrapper 10 months ago
  Astro 462c5e2668 nix/channel-rust-nightly.toml: update to 2019-04-02 from 2019-03-24 10 months ago
  Astro acb2709783 Cargo.toml: simplify 'panic-abort' dependency 11 months ago
  Astro 5abcfae432 nix/adc2tcp: move duplicate sha256 into one variable 11 months ago
  Astro db9b50f9c6 nix/channel-rust-nightly.toml: update to 2019-03-24 from 2019-03-19 11 months ago
  Astro 985fe03be5 nix: move hydra-build-products to adc2tcp-dist derivation 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 6ae87db7e1 commit missing file 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 3e418a5932 fix gdb.nix invokation 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 7d98fd416c cleanup + build gdb on hydra 11 months ago
  Astro cc35c81e55 Cargo.lock: update 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 27e011ccb6 fix cargo hashes 11 months ago
  Sebastien Bourdeauducq 4ce1baeb3c release.nix: make top-level nix-expression palatable to Hydra 11 months ago
  Astro 7413d3d012 add README 11 months ago
  Astro 2d758af9e4 add feature "generate-hwaddr" to generate indivudal MAC addrs from device electronic signature 11 months ago
  Astro 22e7a77d80 Cargo.lock: update 11 months ago
  Astro 3928005bbf release.nix: runCommand 11 months ago
  Astro faab0d4546 release.nix: callPackage 11 months ago
  Astro a5cf3c28da nix: fetch rustManifest explicitly by default 11 months ago
  Astro bd42bc9129 parameterize the rustManifest file 11 months ago
  Astro 6466a8deeb release.nix: use pkgs.lib.hydraJob 11 months ago
  Astro 3fa7f7811e release.nix: turn into attrset (Hydra jobset) 11 months ago
  Astro b115ee1afc shell.nix: rm obsolete parameter 11 months ago
  Astro b385e96bc8 nix: bundle a rust nightly channel manifest for Hydra restrict-eval being always-on 11 months ago
  Astro 3af1f72e7d adc2tcp.nix: add hydra-build-products 11 months ago
  Astro 876658e712 default.nix: import <mozillaOverlay> 11 months ago
  Astro f6282f33ff gdb with `cargo run` 11 months ago
  Astro 7d50391af0 nix: build with fetchcargo 11 months ago
  Astro 3f6bb05001 setup clocks to 168 mhz, adjust TIMER_RATE to 20 11 months ago
  Astro 58ac89b66e LICENSE: add GPL-3 11 months ago
  Astro 19a1609238 doc 11 months ago
  Astro 7423f23969 timer: lower TIMER_RATE to 10 Hz 11 months ago