127 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Astro 5faf64eae8 README: link CI, more instructions 1 week ago
  Astro cfea205e06 README: init 1 week ago
  Astro 56c62975c4 main: improve show pid parameters 2 weeks ago
  Astro 0df3723ef3 cargosha256: update for nixbld.m-labs.hk 2 weeks ago
  Astro 8d532dc50a Cargo.toml: use patch for dependency stm32f4xx-hal 2 weeks ago
  Astro d203f21caf main: re-enable interrupts 2 weeks ago
  Astro 15f64358a2 main: fix socket handling 2 weeks ago
  Astro 7fe1d2f761 main: disable ad7172 sync 2 weeks ago
  Astro dcf7babf32 ad7172: delint, doc 2 weeks ago
  Astro e7782c9cb3 implement shdn* pins 2 weeks ago
  Astro b345cc0865 use embedded_hal through stm32f4xx_hal instead of direct dependency 2 weeks ago
  Astro a102e5fcec main: wait for more tcp send headroom 2 weeks ago
  Astro 10f7020c02 main: fix report padding 2 weeks ago
  Astro da65ea21a4 ad7172: eliminate superfluous AdcError 2 weeks ago
  Astro 9c3485d05f timer: increase rate to 500 Hz 2 weeks ago
  Astro 8e41c44303 adc: use ref_sel=external 2 weeks ago
  Astro 1cba8e56c9 ad7172: add calibrate_offset() 2 weeks ago
  Astro 63cc1d2fe1 main: always do full session reset 2 weeks ago
  Astro 194871c85a ad7172: readback after write_reg() 2 weeks ago
  Astro 4c3c8498e9 ad7172: retry corrupt transfers 2 weeks ago
  Astro 82dba2bb67 ad7172: work on adc setup 2 weeks ago
  Astro bb51cce6f6 ad7172: remove stale code 2 weeks ago
  Astro 723901b341 adc: read u32 for unipolar coding 2 weeks ago
  Astro 2e72a03b93 steinhart_hart: fix equation 2 weeks ago
  Astro bec7019f3a delint 2 weeks ago
  Astro c00c1bb081 main: connect adc/sh/pid/dac, split out into mod channel_state 2 weeks ago
  Astro a94650e208 main: optimize+doc resets 2 weeks ago
  Astro 163bb38f68 simplify pid, keep last_output 2 weeks ago
  Astro e5b4789304 replace dependency lexical-core with num-traits 2 weeks ago
  Astro da4aaf4ff6 implement all the tcp commands 2 weeks ago
  Astro cee0a1fcab steinhart_hart: fix calculation, rename parameters 2 weeks ago
  Astro 0f4442b124 switch pid+steinhart_hart parameters from f32 to f64 2 weeks ago
  Astro 1ad821299b build mods pid + steinhard_hart 2 weeks ago
  Astro 0575b52bc1 session: eliminate copying LineResult wrapper 2 weeks ago
  Astro ac728a2aff server: reduce sockets from 8 to 4 for memory savings 2 weeks ago
  Astro 69a4f5a5d2 merge the network code 3 weeks ago
  Astro 09dbb7d495 add ad5680 3 weeks ago
  Astro fed3e767e9 pins: setup dac spi 0,1 3 weeks ago
  Astro 89b0d142ad main: use HSE clock 3 weeks ago
  Astro f021ebd6e6 pins: setup PwmPins 3 weeks ago
  Astro ac336b7a26 main: split into mod init_log 3 weeks ago
  Astro c377706e0e ad7172: move setup from main 3 weeks ago
  Astro 44c8ff54c1 ad7172::checksum: improve 3 weeks ago
  Astro 95d66438d2 main: use sensible WATCHDOG_INTERVAL 3 weeks ago
  Astro 297e38e1cc main: ignore warnings for now 3 weeks ago
  Astro 99f7f2b548 Pins::setup, replace adc_input with ad7172 3 weeks ago
  Astro 71c1f8441c more dependency updates 3 weeks ago
  Astro 60a9c72bf0 led: remove 3 weeks ago
  Astro 2f50071afa switch to stm32f427, setup eth pins 4 weeks ago
  Astro 72b44b4b22 update dependency stm32f4xx-hal to 0.7 4 weeks ago