333 Commits (master)

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mwojcik 5688b2f1bb flake: update stm32-eth sha256 hash 4 months ago
mwojcik 1b2f2f3888 update code to use stm32f4xx-hal 0.10.1 API 4 months ago
mwojcik e6f63ec940 cargo/nix: update rustc, stm32-eth, smoltcp 4 months ago
mwojcik 67446ae99e cargo/flake: update package versions 4 months ago
topquark12 26ad2f0119 rewrite PID 4 months ago
Alex Wong 69dabf5aa1 update hash 5 months ago
mwojcik a26cdfabb1 readme: update CI links 5 months ago
mwojcik 4d43709f76 nix flakes support (#64) 5 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 1c00e732fa README: minor corrections 6 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 09082b24a5 README: update build instructions 6 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 85e8273d51 shell.nix: follow nix-scripts 6 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq e81c6d1692 README: fix objcopy command 6 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 1f644fd62c README: fix nix-scripts folder 12 months ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 4f1d865d2b README: fix Hydra links 12 months ago
topquark12 e6a5c31db6 main.rs refactor to reduce length (#60) 1 year ago
topquark12 a5d8661b10 main: fix handling of incomplete data received (#55) 1 year ago
topquark12 7cb0ed70be Reset all TCP sockets before MCU reset (#53) 1 year ago
topquark12 6b9d61737e docs: update docs to reflect improved stability performance 1 year ago
topquark12 16844a1dc1 dac: fix inconsistent current output behavior due to repeated sampling of noisy vref 1 year ago
topquark12 96f52ace8b pytec: simpler default graphs in plot 1 year ago
topquark12 a1a8efd51a readme: update docs on max_i_neg command and heat flow directions 1 year ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 8eb3cc4307 dfu: style 1 year ago
topquark12 f3661ac8e3 dfu: refactor 1 year ago
topquark12 c4e3be1d05 fix pid.rs test, exclude dfu from test 1 year ago
topquark12 cf3ace4d2d flash_store: get addresses from linker 1 year ago
topquark12 f6802635a4 add command to reboot into DFU 1 year ago
topquark12 9e4d06fdbc clarify comment 1 year ago
topquark12 3433881d0f remove dead code 1 year ago
topquark12 193d54a0a6 pid: anti-windup when compliance voltage reached 1 year ago
topquark12 3067b356c5 channels: add methods to retrieve actual voltage and current of TEC 1 year ago
topquark12 3ba2cc9ddc channels: voltage measurement refalect actual voltage across TEC 1 year ago
topquark12 1539b624bd pid: more sensible default parameters 1 year ago
topquark12 5c84b7438b Integral rescaling 1 year ago
topquark12 cc0126636c report save success 1 year ago
topquark12 45b7c4e669 add documentation about PID setup and using Python tools 1 year ago
topquark12 73dd6d9154 add PID autotune code 1 year ago
topquark12 e94601f54f pid: fix derivative calculation 2 years ago
topquark12 8c9e12587f fix simulation math, provided simulation control loop is stable and passes test, reaching simulation cycle limit before settling fails test 2 years ago
topquark12 7c013ff4a4 PID fixes 2 years ago
Sebastien Bourdeauducq 50a1b9f52d pid: partial -> proportional 2 years ago
Astro 9852b32646 command_parser, main: implement ShowCommand::Ipv4 2 years ago
Astro 22b0c9fcad main: don't re- set_ipv4_config every tick 2 years ago
Astro e13ed37271 pid: fix tests 2 years ago
Astro 5987d9c881 README: rlwrap nc, 60 Hz 2 years ago
Astro 7c55e34145 pytec: remove obsolete conversions 2 years ago
Astro b176fc2788 pid: doc parameters 2 years ago
Astro b717ac5495 pid: update default gain parameters 2 years ago
Astro 980d27ebfc pytec: remove client-side interval calculation 2 years ago
Astro e9e46b29cf pid: integrate time_delta to free gain parameters from sampling period 2 years ago
Astro b7e6cdbec2 pytec: measure interval 2 years ago