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Merged #91 Remove unused LED parameters 2 months ago

Merged #90 flake: Use rust from manifest, not from pkgs 2 months ago

Merged #86 Remove stale reference to channel_state vref 3 months ago

Merged #85 Remove VREF in reports 3 months ago

Merged #83 README: Correct expected TEC polarity 3 months ago

Merged #81 Update LED L3 for PID status on every cycle 4 months ago

Merged #79 Update nix repos 4 months ago

Merged #78 Turn off LED L3 only when all channels have no PID 4 months ago

Merged #77 README: Correct unit of time in reports 5 months ago

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Proposed #84 WIP: Refactor center point and VREF measurement for a more stable i_set 3 months ago

Proposed #87 README: Remove VREF 3 months ago

Proposed #88 Rename all Steinhart-Hart references to B-param 3 months ago

Proposed #89 Cleanup fan control 3 months ago

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Opened #92 Noisy measured TEC current (tec_i) 2 months ago

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Open #70 GUI 4 months ago

Open #74 WIP: Update python to 3.11 and use StrEnum 4 months ago