Formally verified ARTIQ RTIO core in nMigen
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Formally verified implementation of the ARTIQ RTIO core in nMigen

File Synopsis

  • LICENSE: License terms (LGPLv3+) for this project
  • this document
  • shell.nix: Nix file for setting up the environment for this project
  • rtio: RTIO core in nMigen

Running the verification tasks

To run the verification tasks for the sorting network (unbounded proofs with variable numbers of lanes), change directory to the root of this project, set up the Nix environment by running nix-shell and do

$ python -m rtio.test.sed.output_network

This should complete in under an hour. The time to complete each verification task (2 lanes, 4 lanes, 8 lanes) is printed to standard output.


Copyright (C) 2020 M-Labs Limited.

LGPLv3 or any later version