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Sebastien Bourdeauducq 8d8ea8b377 bump misoc-new 4 months ago
conda conda: fix access to bscan-spi-bitstreams 4 months ago
conda-windows allow Python 3.8 with conda 5 months ago
pkgs bump misoc-new 4 months ago
windows upgrade Windows conda test environment to Python 3.8 5 months ago
artiq-board.nix s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 9 months ago
default.nix update misoc 4 months ago
fetchcargo.nix s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 9 months ago
shell-dev.nix simplify/fix jsonschema dependency 11 months ago
shell.nix rename jobsets to artiq-fast/artiq-full 2 years ago
vivado.nix vivado: update to 2020.1 1 year ago
wfvm-legacy.nix keep old WFVM/conda for ARTIQ legacy 5 months ago
wfvm.nix update WFVM 5 months ago