Hydra settings and non-flakes packaging code. See https://git.m-labs.hk/m-labs/artiq-extrapkg for new NDSPs and contrib libraries.
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Astro 84fc1375d1 s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 2 years ago
artiq-board-generated s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 2 years ago
artiq-fast s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 2 years ago
artiq-full s/stdenv.lib/lib/ 2 years ago
gluelogic treewide: name -> pname where possible 2 years ago
hydra targets -> boards 2 years ago
mcu mcu: build Sayma MMC firmware 2 years ago
artiq-fast.nix artiq-fast: put board lockfile into separate directory 2 years ago
artiq-full.nix beta -> a6p 2 years ago
gluelogic.nix cpld -> gluelogic 3 years ago
mcu.nix mcu: missing file rename from 0d706f000f 2 years ago
web.nix web fixes and improvements 4 years ago
zynq.nix zynq: power off board when done 2 years ago