Hydra settings and non-flakes packaging code. See https://git.m-labs.hk/m-labs/artiq-extrapkg for new NDSPs and contrib libraries.
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Sebastien Bourdeauducq b8a803a64f conda: require python<3.8 for llvmlite 2 years ago
artiq.nix artiq-fast: quamash -> qasync on artiq-6+ 2 years ago
binutils.nix conda: add binutils.nix 3 years ago
bscan-spi-bitstreams.nix conda: build bscan-spi-bitstreams 3 years ago
build.nix conda build: allow pname or name convention 2 years ago
builder-env.nix conda: build llvm-or1k 3 years ago
fake-source.nix conda: fix system shared libs not found in conda-build (#24) 3 years ago
llvm-or1k.nix conda: include ARM support in llvm-or1k 3 years ago
llvmlite-artiq.nix conda: require python<3.8 for llvmlite 2 years ago